DoodlersTM apparel range launching soon!!


Coming soon is an exclusive range of DoodlersTM apparel that are beautiful expressions of creativity and imagination. Our designs reflect the playful mind set of our target audience, tweens between the ages of 8 to 14 years. This is the age when kids grow up and begin asserting themselves through opinions, specific likes and interests. A typical trait of doodles is that they appear from the corners and the edges of paper. With this in mind, our apparel range makes use of elements such as collars, sleeves, seems, pockets, zippers, buttons, etc, all to tell a fun story.

DoodlersTM furnishing range by L’Orange.

With our new creativity-friendly range, your children will never run out of space to bring their imagination alive. They will have new surprises for you, everyday. 
Check out the writable bed sheets, pillow covers & table mats or our vibrant curtains, curtain magnets, wallpapers & cushion covers. There are many more exciting products that will delight your child.
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